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Non-invasive laser treatment for stress urinary incontinence(SUI)

stress incontinence treatment usmle

Whatever may be your ‘stress incontinence causes’,now it is possible to have non-invasive laser treatment for stress urinary (SUI) and mixed urinary incontinence(MUI).

If you are in search of various ‘stress incontinence treatment options’ or ‘laser surgery for urinary incontinence’ whether it is ‘stress urinary in continence’ SUI for short  or mixed urinary incontinence (MUI),a new non invasive laser treatment procedure is promising.

If your ‘medication treatment for stress incontinence’ is not showing improvement, or if you are thinking to go in for ‘stress incontinence treatment surgery’ this non-invasive laser treatment option might work.

This is a new addition to the ‘stress incontinence treatment guidelines’ in the form of non invasive laser ‘treatment for stress incontinence urine’ that is promising…... read more

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Home-Fight Incontinence To Win

Thanks for visiting my incontinence blog.

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If you are wondering what ‘incontinence’ means,it is the involuntary or accidental discharge of urine or faecal matter in small amounts or more.

My name is Peria. I am 65. I am passionate about studying various diseases and conditions  which prompted me to learn  in depth about this embarrassing condition that affects millions worldwide.

Incontinence is one ailment that affects women’s health more than men.

Kegel exercises also known as Pelvic floor conditioning helps overcome incontinence for both men and women.

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I created this blog to display all the facts and information on incontinence from sources of authority from all over the web to understand and defeat incontinence since knowledge is power.

What I have done here is to collate all the information on incontinence available online and offline so that you need not have the hassle of visiting  various authority sites for information on this condition.

I know how it feels to have this condition but I assure you that it is possible to beat it if you have the will.

If you are obese learn how to lose weight which can help since being overweight is like sending invitations to major ailments like diabetes,heart issues and others.

For the silent suffering people of incontinence, it is more than an embarrassment..It is a curse.

You do not know when the next dreaded leakage will occur or how to cope with it.

You are always thinking of what others will think of you if they know  you suffer from incontinence.

You always have to be on guard and be alert for the faintest whiff of odour emanating from you to take immediate remedial action.

You become home bound and avoid going out or travel long distances.

Some are ashamed to consult even their own physician.

This awful condition is frustrating, since it affects social and even family life.

There is no use worrying over this issue and wallow in self pity.

You have no other option but to fight incontinence to win. Failure is not an option here.

If you are an incontinence sufferer, do not lose hope.

By losing hope, you lose even before the battle starts.

Your first step should be to strengthen your will by going through the case studies of many who won the battle with determination.

Below  is one of many case studies which will lift your mood of despondency and give you hope which is vital.

You are not alone in fighting this embarrassing condition as millions suffer from incontinence worldwide, the severity ranging from mild to complete loss of bladder or bowel control ….Read more

Be comforted by the fact that not only Incontinence can be treated and managed ,it can also be cured in most cases.

If you are not sure whether you really suffer from incontinence, answer the following questionnaire.

Do you leak when you exercise or during play or while lifting heavy items?

Are you in constant fear of losing control of your bladder or bowel movement?

Do you feel that you have not completely emptied bladder or bowel after using the toilet?

Do you have the urge to use toilet twice or more during night?

Are you in the habit of rushing to use the toilet or leaking before using the toilet?

Do you have to strain during bowel movement?

Do you leak when you get up from lying or seated position?

Do you have to plan all your daily activities based on close proximity to toilet?

Do you leak in your underwear or soil your bed?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions ,you may have to consult your doctor. …(read more)

Causes of incontinence

The causes for this ailment can vary from person to person depending upon their body constitutions, health conditions,age and other factors. Theses causative factors are as follows.

Pregnancy and child birth

Hormonal variations in Women


Chronic cough

Chronic constipation




Family history

Weak bladder or bowel


Alcohol consumption

Inflammatory bowel disease

Anal or pelvic surgery

Irritable bowel syndrome


Radiation treatment

Injuries to pelvic muscles

Prostate issues in men

neurological disorders

and others

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Types of Incontinence

There are only two types of incontinence which are urinary incontinence and bowel incontinence.

Most people suffer from one type and few suffer from both.

Urinary incontinence affects more women than men which involves leakage of urine in varying amounts due to various  reasons.

Urinary incontinence is again divided into sub categories which are

Urge Incontinence

Stress Incontinence

Overflow Incontinence

Functional Incontinence

………To know more click here

Bowel or fecal incontinence

 Bowel incontinence affects people of all ages ,races and sexes but women and elderly suffer more from this condition than men.

It is also known as ‘Accidental Bowel Leakage’ (ABL) when stool or gas leak from the rectum.

For a few incontinence of gas can pose a bigger problem than incontinence of stool since leakage of gas can sometimes result in release of sound and/or odor that can’t be hidden.

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Incontinence forums/support groups:

Join various incontinence forums and support groups that are available online or offline  where you can meet people like you.

When you interact with such people, you get new ideas and hope when you know how those guys cope with this condition which will enhance your self confidence.

Incontinence products:

From time to time we will also review various urinary and fecal incontinence products that make life easy and comfortable for the ailing folk.

Here is the list of incontinence products:

Urinary incontinence products:

Absorbent pads, protective garments,penile clamps,tampons, incontinent briefs, urithral inserts and others… more

Fecal incontinence:

Bowel pants and pads,anal plugs,rectal stimulators,bed and chair protection , clothing,bowel skin care products and others…click here for more info

Here are few of the best incontinence products supply stores.Most of them offer free shipping. Incontinence Products Discreetly Delivered Direct to You!

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Incontinence news:

There is a separate incontinence news category wherein we will publish from time to time latest information  pertaining to incontinence.