Incontinence Forums/Support Groups

Incontinence Forums are places where people who suffer this illness, join together to share their experiences so that there is a sense of belonging to face the issues confidently through emotional support of others.

Benefits of participating in forum activities are as follows:

1.You become more open and honest to express your true feelings.
2.You don’t have to worry about being judged
3.You feel less isolated and lonely
4.You develop a sense of adjustment to deal with your problem
5.You feel you are in control.
6.You attain the feeling of empowerment that boosts self confidence
7.You get new ideas about resources and strategies from others
8.You get to know about other treatment choices
9.You develop a positive attitude and understanding as to what to expect
10.You are less likely to be affected by depression and anxiety

Here are a few incontinence forums you may join for helpful advice and support.

Talk health partnership

Incontinence support group

Daily diapers forum



Live confidently 

Ibs group

Cure zone

md junction